Rest Reset Restore Retreat
Isla Mujeres, Mexico
October 17 - 22, 2024

A luxurious, oceanfront retreat to replenish the body, mind, and spirit and establish daily practices of self-care, mindfulness, movement, and manifestation.


Escape to a luxurious, self-care sanctuary on the peaceful shores of Isla Mujeres, a short ferry ride from Cancun, Mexico.

Nestled within the idyllic beauty of this small, Mexican island, this restorative retreat offers the opportunity for Black women over 40 to take a break from hyper-productivity, to shut down the electronics and external noises, and go inward.

Led by your hosts and wellness coaches, Ewunike and Nona, this transformative journey unfolds in a private luxury villa with 5-star service, ensuring that every aspect of your experience is nothing short of exceptional.

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This retreat will cater to Black women who are seeking restoration and renewal. They are ready to break the habit of putting themselves last and will take charge of their own well-being. They embrace change, invest in themselves and value the healing power of nature and sisterhood.

Our sisters will leave the retreat restored with renewed energy and a reawakened sense of the possibilities for the next part of their journey. They will be empowered with new, healthy practices, habits and tools, and prepared to set boundaries and make space for their personal growth and development. They will cherish the connections made and feel the support of their new sisters who are on the same journey.


Retreat Packages

These all-inclusive packages provide for your every need from the moment you arrive at Cancun airport. Ground and sea transportation, all meals and non-alcoholic beverages, activities, programming and logistical support will all be handled for you with the greatest attention to detail and service. 

Airfare, travel insurance and optional spa services are not included in the retreat package and will be at the expense of the guest.

Shared Room

Shared Rooms

$3700 per person

Installment option available

Private Rooms


Installment option available

Suite Accommodations

Experience the epitome of luxury at our private, oceanfront villa, offering expansive open-air spaces and a breathtaking terrace with panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea. Drift into peaceful rest on the finest linens in our elegantly appointed rooms, where chaise lounges and ocean sounds inspire moments of private reflection and journaling. Immerse yourself in modern comforts and amenities, with thoughtful service that considers the details and supports your quiet time.

The Retreat Experience

Build healthy, sustainable practices to continue when you return home.

SLEEP: Engage in deep rest and restore your mind, body, and spirit.
MINDFULNESS: Quiet your mind so you can listen to the call of your spirit.
MOVEMENT: Move in ways that create energy, strength and feelings of euphoria.
HYDRATION/NUTRITION: Give your body the hydration and nutrients it needs to protect, heal and sustain you.
SELF-CARE: Incorporate self-love and self-care as a non-negotiable part of your daily/weekly existence.
NATURE: Connect to the healing, calming power of the natural world.
FUN: Connect back to your inner child and develop habits of self-indulgent joy.

Our Guests Will Enjoy:

  • 6 days and 5 nights at a private, oceanfront luxury retreat villa.
  • Gourmet, healthy meals with a focus on organic, fresh fruits and vegetables, and sustainably sourced fish and poultry.
  • A daily Rest Restore Reset group practice of gentle stretching, relaxing breathing, and envisioning and journaling.
  • Daily activities of yoga, nature walks, beach excursions, stretch sessions.
  • A private sail aboard a state-of-the-art luxury catamaran with a gourmet lunch.
  • Daily dedicated personal time for reflection and rest.
  • All transportation once you arrive in Cancun, Mexico.

Your Hosts


Ewunike Akpan

Ewunike Akpan is a fitness and wellness professional with over 23 years of experience dedicated to helping people live active and fulfilling lives. As the owner of LOTUS Fitness, Ewunike combines her passion for movement with her drive to empower her clients to achieve optimal health and wellness.

Her passion for adventure, travel, and fitness converged when she visited Costa Rica for the first time in 2015. That transformative experience inspired her to curate and lead five different active adventure retreats in Costa Rica, further fueling her commitment to wellness and adventure-based experiences.

Most recently, in partnership with her long-time friend Nona Mitchell, she co-hosted the inaugural Rest Restore Reset Retreat in Costa Rica in 2023. Her refined focus on providing Black women with daily, unique opportunities that intertwine wellness and rejuvenation embodies her evolving vision in the wellness sphere.


Nona Mitchell

Nona Mitchell, an experienced communications entrepreneur and certified natural health professional, brings over three decades of expertise to her mission. With a passion for social change, community health and education, she shares her knowledge of natural healing practices, empowering her community to take advantage of nature’s wide range of healing tools, and to use their gifts to make good in the world.

Drawing from 30+ years of personal dedication to natural health and a 25+ year career in social change communications, Nona merges her skills to support the strengthening of communities.   Her mission is to inspire individuals and families to embrace the transformative power of holistic health practices and to live their absolute best lives. 

Living a dynamic lifestyle between Washington, DC, the Riviera Maya, Mexico, and numerous international destinations, Nona embodies a global perspective on exploration, wellness and sharing. Her diverse experiences enrich her connections to the goodness and contributions of individuals and communities around the world.

Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres, a gem where the Gulf of Mexico caresses the Caribbean Sea, carries a legacy that stretches back over 1,500 years. This enchanting island, once part of the ancient Mayan province of Ekab, served as a revered sanctuary dedicated to Ixchel, the goddess of the moon, fertility, medicine, and happiness. The southern tip of Isla Mujeres, graced with a temple that doubled as a lighthouse, was a place of pilgrimage for those seeking the goddess’s blessings in childbirth and healing. Today, Isla Mujeres stands as a testament to its rich history, a serene retreat that continues to embody the spirit of rejuvenation and joy.

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